Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Human heartbeat orchestra....!!!

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"Music is everywhere and a man with a pure heart can only find it". Today musicians from the
Heart chamber orchestra
have found the music in the heartbeat....!!!

Pure (has been making electronic music since 1992) and Erich Berger an interactive artist have teamed up to come up with this amzing performance involving 12 musicians, each of whom are wired to an electrocardiogram. Software then tracks their heartbeats, using them as fodder for both a projected visualization and a musical score, which the musicians see on laptops placed in front of them. Watch how intense the visuals get towards the end.

As the performance goes on you can see heartbeat of the musicians respond and thus change.These change flows into the music thus forming a giant feedback loop in the end.

Check out this outstanding performance in the video uploaded.....I can bet, you will be amazed...!!!

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