Friday, August 13, 2010

New pi record..!!!

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T2k supercomputer

Calculating Pi at Home

or pi (a Greek letter) as may everyone know is a mathematical constant whose value is approximately equal to 3.141593. It is rational number which means its value can not be exactly expressed as a fraction m/n where 'm' and 'n' are integers.

Researchers from Japan had calculated the value of pi to over 2.5 trillion decimal values using the T2K open supercomputer (which is ranked 47th in the world according to a June, 2009 report from For more details about this supercomputer click HERE).It was the record for calculating the pi value to maximum decimal places till now.....i.e this record is now broken not by another supercomputer but by a home pc.....!!!!

Shigeru Kondo a 54-year-old system engineer and Alexander Yee, an American computer science student are the duo who shattered the previous record of the supercomputer.Shigeru Kondo had spent 18000$ to set up his home computer and his money did not go in vain as it calculated the value of pi to 5 trillion decimal places setting up a new world record...!!

Kondo collaborated with Alexander Yee to do the calculation.Yee provided Kondo with a software to calculate the pi value.Kondo ran this software on his home machine under under Windows Server 2008R2. The computer was built out of individually sourced parts, including Intel processors and 20 hard drives.

According to Kondo it was midnight, he was alone in his room when the 5trillion mark was reached.Now Kondo's home pc is sitting quietly asking the world... can you break my record..??

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