Sunday, October 10, 2010

blind makes it possible for the blinds to use computers...!!!

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We all are so much addicted to computers isn't it...? We enjoy so much using our pc and internet. Think of blinds....they cant use computers like us..:( its not fair right..?

Well, there is the 'screen reader' software but, do you know its cost...? its $1000...!!! This software is only for some very rich blinds...:)

But now a free software has developed which enables blind people to use computers...! and the most amazing fact about this news is that, its developed by two blind computer programmers....!!!

The duo who are colouring the blind's life is Queensland University of Technology (QUT) graduate James Teh and business partner Michael Curran.

They have developed a free open source program called NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access), which provides a synthetic voice to read the words on a computer screen as the cursor moves over them.

Teh and Micheal have faced and overcome a lot of obstacles to achieve their goal. What these inventors say regarding their success is "A sighted person takes for granted that they can sit down at any computer and use it, We really are in the information age -- everything is online these days. So access to computers for the blind and vision impaired is incredibly important, which is why we wanted our software to be free."

They added, " It can also be copied to a USB stick, which can be used on any PC at school or university, with no installation required,"

Because of the contributions from many volunteer translators, NVDA is now available in 27 languages. Teh and curren had started this project in 2006 and their effort has paid off by affecting the lives of visually impaired persons significantly.

The duo have many future plans which would further ease a blind's life in this fast forwarding life but all those may depend on available funding.

well, you can download NVDA from HERE

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