Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quasi - a robotic teacher

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Robots are one of the most interesting and happening field today. There are robots being built almost every single work. Robotics is very fascinating, now Interbots ( click me to know about Interbots ) thought why not fascinate kids about the same and at the same time give them some knowledge.

Interbots have created their latest entertainment robot, called Quasi.Its being used in "Rockin Robots", its Carnegie Mellon University’s traveling science show for kids.

The robot Quasi teaches kids the various subjects and I think kids will love it and it may help them to better concentrate on the subject.Its an entertainment robot and its like a perfect mixture of science and puppetry. Quasi is more like a puppet and can be controlled by an unseen human performer.

But don't underestimate Quasi....:) its much much advanced than a puppet..:)
Watch the video... you will understand...

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