Monday, November 15, 2010

What does brain do when you are asleep...???

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Jessica D. Payne of the University of Notre Dame and Elizabeth A. Kensinger of Boston College have studied the brain functioning when the person is sleeping and what they came up with is pretty interesting.

First let me tell you a fun fact..... as humans, we spend 1/3rd of our lives asleep...!

Now if you are thinking, "oh my god...! am I wasting so much of my precious time sleeping..??!!"...then you are wrong...! If we need that much sleep, then it has to have some reason right..? That's what Payne and Elizabeth thought and they came to know the truth behind this.

So according to their study... sleep makes our memories stronger...!! This may be known to many... like as my mom used to say.."you need a good sleep before the exam so that you can remember whatever you have studied easily.." But even if it is a fact there was no proof..! and that's what I used to ask my mom..:) But it has now...

  • When we sleep, brain doesn't sleep.
  • It make sour memories stronger.
  • It recognizes, organizes and restructures our whole memory.
  • And this is what makes people come up with new ideas and it make you see things in a different angle.
  • The study uncovered a fact that the person tends to stick to the most emotional part of the memory. For example, if someone is shown a scene with an emotional object, such as a wrecked car, in the foreground, they're more likely to remember the emotional object than, say, the palm trees in the background—particularly if they're tested after a night of sleep.
  • They have measred the brain activity during sleep and discovered that regions of the brain involved with emotion and memory consolidation are active.
Payne says "I give myself an eight-hour sleep opportunity every night. I never used to do that—until I started seeing my data," also "We can get away with less sleep, but it has a profound effect on our cognitive abilities" she adds.

So sleep well and think well....:)


  1. this is great and informative, thanks for sharing, it is really important to have a sleep at least 8hours.


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