Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smoothee - A steadicam for your mobile..!

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High quality video capturing is not only limited to some professional video cameras now a days. All today's mobile phones come with the same HQ video recording capabilities. So we are so excited by this, and buy one such mobile with such feature. After some time, we get so frustrated by it because its SHAKY as hell..!! When you try to shoot your dog playing, the video shot, will have everything except the dog..:p All those videos shot by our phones, looks just like those pirated movies which some assholes film it in a movie theater...!

So the answer to all those frustrated minds is ( answer is not to buy an original video camera..:p ) 'Smoothee'.

What is it..??

Its a steadicam for our mobiles. The reason why the video shot on mobiles is shaky is that the mobiles are too light and cant get a steady support. That's what 'Smoothee' do. It fills in what's missing, 'A steady support'.

As you can see in the pic,
  • The mobiles are mounted on the top.
  • The curved arm provides the balance in weight.
  • The holder is a pistol kind of a grip, attached below the mobile mounted surface.
  • Knobs are provided to move the mobile over the surface in the directions, left-right or front-back in order to balance its weight perfectly over the Smoothee.
  • Smoothee currently supports iPhone 3GS and 4, iPod touch and FLIP Mino HD. But the Smoothees for other handsets are also being developed.
  • The cost of smoothee is $200.
The entire below video has been shot on a mobile using Smoothee...!!

World of Smoothee from H. Wilson45 on Vimeo.

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