Tuesday, March 8, 2011

String theory - Prepare to be amazed and confused..!

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String theory, probably is the hottest thing in the world of physics. Its the most famous idea in the modern physics at the same time, damn confusing..!

Am not going to give you detailed article about the theory, or teach you any derivations..:p but am just give you trailer of the theory, which would tickle your imagination and make you explore about it more.

FYI, this idea will question everything you know and learned till now......So according to the theory,

The idea or the theory starts by saying that the fundamental particles we know are NOT point like dots but made of tiny strings...! These strings are so tiny that no instruments of ours can show it.

We are familiar with 1 dimension, 2D and 3D but string theory predicts the existance of 10 dimensions...!! (I know its hard to imgine even the 4D, but how could we even possible think of 10th dimension...?? I will tell a little about it in the next post... HERE....)

Now the concept of 'universe', its old..! its time for 'multiverse'...!! that's right, according to the String theory, there exist not one but many parallel universes..!! String theory describes 10500 separate universes, with different constants of nature and even different laws of physics. This parallel universe concept is really mindblowing..! Will tell you a little more about it HERE....

Another one of string theory's most dramatic predictions is that we should find cosmic strings. These would be billions of light years long, thinner than a proton and spectacularly dense. As they could reveal themselves in images of distant galaxies, the search is on.

So the physicists say all the particles in the universe are made of tiny strings and how they interact each other is through the vibrations of these strings. Hence they think the whole universe we live in, as a symphony...! Though the idea is revolutionary, and so beautiful, the problem physicists facing is while proving the theory.

Over many many years the dream of scientists to give 'the theory of everything' , a theory that would explain every phenomena in the universe. Many believe that the String Theory is the theory of everything. Is it true...?? Will they able to prove it..?? Lets wait n see..:)

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