Friday, April 1, 2011

The 'Creepy' app

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The name of this app is 'Creepy'..! Don't think it as a foolish name for an app, because this one is really creepy..!!

In today's world, we live more in the digital world than in the real world. For us, our 'avatar' is more important than our real selves. Its a harsh fact but we have to admit it.

So living in this digital world, we leave out loads n loads of our personal information accessible to anyone on the internet. We do not think it as a 'no biggie', but you would be amazed or horrified to be more precise, to know how these small 'no biggie' details can be used against you...!

This app for desktop computers called 'Creepy' is a geo-location information aggregator. i.e, using a this a person can know where all the places you had been and can hence easily find out the place where you would likely to be..!

Now, you might be going "oh shit..!!"..:) How does it do that..??

Well, we constantly upload pictures and share them with the world. From these pics, its possible to extract geo-location information .......
  • tweets have geolocations. ....
  • Coordinates when tweet was posted from mobile device
  • Place (geographical name) derived from users ip when posting on twitter's web interface. Place gets translated into coordinates using
  • Bounding Box derived from users ip when posting on twitter's web interface.The less accurate source , a corner of the bounding box is selected randomly.
  • Geolocation information accessible through image hosting services API
  • EXIF tags from the photos posted.
  • So 'Creepy' sniffs all these and much more details from the web and presents it in a map marking all the locations your target has been hence making it easy to find out the places you frequently visit, the places you likely to be found..!

If you are stalking somebody, then its a must have app..:p You can download it here..

To prevent 'creepy' from stalk you, some simple tips...
  • better not to reveal too much of your personal details.
  • do not post anything that you dont want others to know.
  • Don't try to be in a 'limbo' when there is so much on the real world.


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