Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The brain controlled iPhone app is here...!!!

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Its always fun to play with our brain...!! Just think how would it feel if we were able to control everything just by concentrating on it...?? like moving something or levitating...!!??!! Well that's not not imaginary now because there's an iPhone app and accessory that can help....!! PLX Devices, Inc. have developed Xwave, headgear that plugs into your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and -- after a bit of training -- lets you control the device with your mind alone.

It uses a technology called Neurosky. ( Get more info about neuosky .. HERE ) There are many apps releasing next month with the above mentioned technology which will include...
  • music controller
  • a meditation timer
  • a game
  • a training app
Well.. if your imagination caught something better than these they will let you t write your own apps with the device's SDK..!!

According to PLX Devices, "The XWave allows you to harness the power of your mind in a new and revolutionary way. By safely detecting your brain's rhythm through a small metal contact gently placed on the skin of your forehead, XWave gives you a window into your mind. Backed by medical science and patents, the XWave senses your attention and meditation levels. You will be able to control and float objects in video games by simply thinking about it, or train your mind to focus and relax on command."

I know everybody will wish to have such a device... well if you have got an iPhone and $99, you can order it HERE

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