Friday, September 10, 2010

Most influential Tweeter....???

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Who do you think is the most influential tweeter of all....??
Lady Gaga with 6,178,524 followers...?? britneyspears with 5,895,661 followers...?? Kimkaradarshian with 4,749,614 follower...?? Sachin Tendulkar..?? Oprah..?? If you think they are the most influential tweeters, sorry to disappoint you but you are wrong...!!

Just because all these celebrities have millions of followers, doesn't mean they are the most influential people on twitter.According to researchers it depends on the topic on which, one tweets about.

Most of the people may be unaware ( even I didn't know till I came across this website) that there is a website which gives you the information regarding the
most influential people tweeting on the hottest topics of the day. I know its very here is the link..

The website was created in the laboratory of Alok Choudhary, John G. Searle Professor and chair of electrical engineering and computer science at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.Actually the mother of this website is a thesis project of Ph.D. candidate Ramanathan Narayanan.

Question may arise, how does the website work...? A special algorithm created for the website does the job of ranking the most influential tweeters of the day.The algorithm for the website combines dynamic data mining, sentiment analysis and network analysis in real time.Not only that, researchers have made this algorithm a bit intelligent....!! The algorithm can also tell you whether their tweets are positive, negative or neutral. It also offers related topics to explore.

Let me explain it with a simple example..... Suppose you like cricket, the website will list out the most influential twitter users who constantly tweet about cricket and also have a following of cricket fans who tweet about the same.

Narayan tries to explain the same with an another example ""If someone from BP is tweeting about the oil spill, for example, his opinions are likely to carry much more weight and be of much greater interest than those of Ashton Kutcher, who has a legion of followers."

Some of really good things about this system or algorithm are....
  • It can also filter out spam
  • It is almost completely automated and requires a very minimal amount of human work
  • It has been very successful in providing really useful choices for the people who are interested in twitter
well finally.... its not some website which provides some info about the twitter users...but it has more applications ...!!! According to the researchers
  • The website could be used by companies who want to know what people are saying about their product
  • They could find out if top influencers are saying positive, negative or neutral things about their product, and that may have a lot of implications.
  • In the future, the website could track many more topics, including those that are not trending on Twitter.
So if you want to be a highly influential twitter user, then keep in mind... "its not the no. of followers that matter but the topic you tweet about..!!"

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