Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nokia N8 can turn any screen into a touch screen....!!!

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Nokia N8 is without a doubt an amazing smart phone. Any one who 1st sees its features and applications will be attracted like an iron piece to the magnet. You can just get the full mobile specifications HERE.............

2 days ago an awesome feature of the Nokia N8 was demonstrated at Nokia world. It was demoed that using a new prototype app by nokia called "Plug and Touch", you can turn your television into a massive touch screen smart phone...!!!

Just by connecting your Nokia N8 and your tv with a HDMI cable, you can make your tv touch screen. Nokia N8 uses its camera to recognize your hand movements an dto detect where exactly you are touching the big screen.

Its still a prototype and needs a lot to be improved. But one can see what this Nokia N8 is capable of doing...ryt...??

See for yourself in the below videos....


  1. OK, a massive touchscreen TV. But WHY? Is this another case of a technology solution needing a problem. Me? I just want to watch my TV in peace and quiet!

  2. 'Turning a normal tv into touchscreen one' may mean just be a cool feature to many but it does has its own applications. No invention or discovery in this world goes in vain. For example it may help to give a presentation.
    In reality nokia is giving the world a proof for their nokia n8 tagline "its not technology its what you do with it..."
    They are showing the capacity of their product.
    Its an app which is still under improvement so all its applications and features still have to be uncovered. well..Lets wait and see if it really provides help to the people....:)

  3. Adding to the above... one actually doesn't has to touch it... it can detect the users gestures..!!


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