Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Smart Eyes - Camera with a brain....!!!

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Four classified shape patterns: chairs (red), people (azure), stairs (olive), other (purple)

The Smart Eyes camera records a stand
during a soccer match. The software focuses
on salient events such as a person on the edge
of the pitch. Credit: Fraunhofer FIT

You should have seen those international football, cricket or baseball matches, every inch of the stadium is full of spectators. Or take a situation where a well known person like the president of a country, visits a place... imagine the crowd...! So in such circumstances maintaining a tight security is very difficult.

In the midst of such an enormous crowd finding one person doing something wrong is not easy for a security personnel.

Lets think what could solve this problem...."a special camera which can watch the whole crowd with a capability of finding anything unusual going on amoung the crowd..!!" can provide a solution.

Well guys, its not just a fantasy anymore but such a camera is here already...!!!

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT in Sankt Augustin have now developed such a device as part of the EU project "SEARISE - Smart Eyes: Attending and Recognizing Instances of Salient Events. The automatic camera system is designed to replicate human-like capabilities in identifying and processing moving images.
  • it can distinguish objects when observing a scene even if they are moving infront of a churning background.
  • the system analyzes the video data in real time and points out the salient features.

Dr. Martina Kolesnik, research scientist at the FIT says "In certain circumstances the capabilities of a human observer are limited. Ask someone to keep an eye on a certain stand in a football stadium and they are bound to miss many details. That same person can only carefully monitor certain sections of the whole area and will quickly get tired. That's where Smart Eyes clearly comes into its own."

The hardware of the Smart eyes include
  • fixed surveillance camera
  • two ultra-active stereo cameras
But what is that which works as its brain...?? Its a unique software that automatically analyzes the image sequences. It replicates the human eye and brain.Taking its lead from the flow of visual images in the brain, the software has a hierarchical, modular structure. It initially ascertains the degree of movement for each pixel, thus identifying the particular active areas in the scene. From this it learns motion patterns and stores them as typical models.

This awesome camera will be on show Security Essen 2010 from October 5-8, 2010. Don't miss it....!!!!!

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