Friday, September 24, 2010

Seabird - futuristic android concept phone by mozilla

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Mozilla has released a concept android phone called "seabird" and I bet you will be left with your jaw dropped after knowing what it would offer...!!! I cant wait to see it in the market because its awesome to that extent...:)

The Mozilla Seabird, part of the Mozilla Labs’ Concept Series, is experimenting and discivering in what all ways the user can interact with his mobile. And friends its an experiment with a huge success...!! Mozilla Lab has come up with the best ways of interaction with your cell.

A brief summary of information regarding its features and technology is as follows.... Well you can get the detailed info HERE....
  • It includes a bluetooth earpiece which is integrated with an IR sensor, so you can navigate your mobile user interface just by waving around that earpiece...!!
  • Another coolest feature is the 'dual pico projectors'. One projector can project the mobile screen on to any solid surface for a larger viewing area. and the other projector can project a keyboard on which you can type on.
  • Also one can place the phone on a solid surface and both these projectors can split up the keyboard into two halves and project it on either side of the phone.
let me give a little more info regarding history of this concept...
Mozilla had launched an open forum called 'concept series' for sharing one's ideas, expertise & vision for the future of the Web, the Mozilla project and Firefox.

In early 2009 Billy May, an award winning product designer came up with a concept of an 'open web concept phone', throwing away this awesome 'Seabird' phone concept.

Watch the video below to get a clear idea of the Seabird concept.....
I think the Seabird phone is by far the best android phone in both design and technology. What do you think...?? let me know ......:)

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