Saturday, October 30, 2010

Neon gen - a concept phone with a twist...!

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New concepts in every field, is is very usual today. Many concepts just come n go .. some, stay in peoples mind alive and one day they manufactured by somebody and the winning concept is turned to reality.

Some days earlier I posted a post regarding 'Searise' ( a future concept phone by mozilla ) and its a very attractive concept and many people liked it..! So am hoping one day this concept will become a reality.... Today I came to know about another concept phone design. Let me explain regarding this concept briefly and lets see if you like it....:)

This concept phone is called 'Neo gen' and its a child of French designer Jerome Le Creusot's imagination ( the world's most powerful graphic card...:p )

The main feature of this concept phone is its rotating or twisted display. Neo gen consists of 2 halves and these can be rotated as far the users wish. obviously the phone navigation interface is a touchscreen one and clips are used instead of the screws in order to make the assembly easy.

You can see all other details regarding the phone by looking at the pictures....:) n let me know what do you think of this concept....:)

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