Monday, March 28, 2011

2022 Qatar world cup

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Hey.... Don't get confused...! I have not changed by blog topics from technology to Sports..:) There is something amazing about 2022 World cup in Qatar referring to the technology going to be used.
Its the ' Man-made clouds to shade the stadium'..!!!!

The world cup will be in months of June and July. Do you know the temperature in those months in Qatar..?? Its freakin 41 degree Celsius (106 F )...!! Sometimes, it goes as high as 50 degree Celsius (122 F)...!! Can you imagine running behind a ball in the open ground with the sun determined to drain out every drop of water in your body..!?!?

So a team of scientists from the Qatar University have taken a high-tech approach to solve the problem. They are going to create some artificial clouds and let them float above the stadium hence provide shade for both players and fans ..!!

The team is lead by Dr Saul Abdul Ghani, Head of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at QU. "The "clouds"......
  • would be made from a lightweight carbon structure carrying a giant envelope of material containing helium gas.
  • It would also feature solar panels on its upper surface to power engines that allow the cloud to be moved via remote control.
  • The system would cost around US$500,000.
The stadium to built for the world cup includes all types of cooling technologies available and capable of reducing the temperature inside by up to 20 degree Celsius.

Now we get the doubt as, why cant they move the world cup to a cooler months like January ..??? I don't know ...'They just CAN'T "...!!!

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