Monday, March 28, 2011

Rolltop - A futuristic laptop

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When we talk about technology and bringing something 'new', that 'new' should be,
  • simpler and smaller than the 'old' one.
  • more efficient than the 'old' one.
  • The 'new' one should be able to serve more of our needs in a more better ways.
So there are many concepts of those' new' things, but not all have the features mentioned above.
Now, you are definitely know that what am going to tell you and that concept has all those features..:)

You are absolutely right..!! Its called 'Rolltop'...
Germany's Orkin Design has proposed this fantastic concept of a futuristic laptop. The rolltop is a 'rolled up' laptop. By using the flexible OLED and touchscreen technologies, the created concept is a cylindrical laptop which can be rolled out when need sto be used and can be rolled up again when not used.

Since I said, it has all those features to make itself 'better'.... they are...
  • As you know, laptop is portable. But rolltop is ultra-portable..!
  • For a laptop, you need a laptop bag. But rolltop fits in whatever bag you have.
  • All those charges n wires which makes you sick, is not needed with rolltop..! All those are integrated in the central cylindrical system of rolltop. It has speakers, usb ports, lan port and a camera.
  • The top of the column detaches and acts as a power plug while the carry strap doubles as a power cord
  • When rolled up, Rolltop will be 11 inches (28 cm) long and have a 3.26-inch (8.3-cm) diameter
There are many of such features..... But I just don't like to type those ..:p Also am damn sure not many have read whatever written their and think all those as bullshit..!! All will look for some video or pics....So lets cup the crap n watch the video..:)


  1. What's new about this? I already saw this 3 years ago ...

  2. Or "Computer as furoshiki" by Bruce Sterling in Mondo 2000, around 1993.

  3. The concept of roll top is not latest one.... but it is alive even after 3 years..!! also its being developed and has received many tweaks in design recently. The video uploaded is not what was there 3 years ago...:)

  4. Hey I didn't know about "Computer as furoshiki"...:) THanks for the info...:)

  5. Hey, I just imagined a 20 inch full-featured 8-core laptop with 50 hours battery life that can fold away to the size of a matchbox. Seriously, there's nothing clever about making stuff up. Developing the technology to actually build something like this is the innovative work, and it sure isn't being done by people like this.

  6. That's a wonderful imagination..!! It may sound impossible at this moment but v should not forget that even the idea of television was once thought impossible..!! So lets keep imagining..:)

  7. You missed my point. I'm sure these things will be possible. But doing come cool drawings of futuristic stuff, with contribution to how they could actually be done, adds precisely nothing to their development.

    If you're sitting there randomly making up specs, roll-up laptops surely exhibit a complete lack of imagination. If you're thinking like this, it's just as obvious that there'll be even more amazing stuff beyond that.

    My point is, why bother? Go watch some scifi where this has already been thought about, and leave the thinking to the people who can actually contribute something.

  8. edit: 'with no contribution'

  9. You are right indeed. But what am trying to convey is... the every great technology here today was once just a concept or idea. For example, consider 'Jules Verne', he is known as the father of science fiction. He thought about n gave a concept of submarine and it was invented later..!Hence that concept is the start of the submarines. So in my opinion, thinking of such concepts is very essential and should be encouraged.

    Also FYI, the rolltop is not just a sketch on a paper, its being developed. So in near future, they may be available in the market...:)

  10. one problem. many touch keyboards have been tested and they have a STEEP learning curve (check out the new laptop that has 2 touch screens). the problem with touch keyboards is you have no idea how to return to home, there is nothing to physicaly tell you that you are on the home row in the right position. also how hard do you have to press to get the keys to function.. all of this stuff causes a rather steep learning curve and can make the user dislike the product.
    personally i would rather have a keyboard that contains the rest of the computer with a storage area for the flexible oled screen.. but thats my opinion

  11. Spectacular concept. Ideas are what drive business. Products have materialized out of thin air because of a good concept and strong backers. Angels are everywhere these days, just takes a dream and initiative.

  12. I agree that every great technology was once a concept or idea. I just don't agree that the effort shown in the example above constitutes enough of a 'concept' to claim it as the inspiration for such technology (when it arrives). Science probably isn't taking much interest in the output of fanciful designers - they've been working away at these ideas from a realistic perspective for years.

    Jules Verne's stories contributed nothing to the actual development of the submarine. He saw that there was a potential need and/or market for travelling underwater, and used that idea to illustrate social issues. He didn't believe he was designing a working submarine. Submarines did not come out as they did because of Jules Verne, rather than, say, the laws of physics, engineering constraints, available materials, and a lot of testing.

  13. @thomas, I totally agree with you.It is a problem.

    @anonymous, as you beleive this may not turn out to be a revolutionary technology, but it does trying to make something better. Everything that gets invented or discovered is not pure gold and many are just a waste of time and money.
    I just think there is nothing wrong in being hopeful that it turns out to be something good.

  14. "Products have materialised out of thin air because of good concept and strong backers".

    So... not out of thin air.

    A venture capitalist would NOT invest in a 'concept' plucked out of thin air, without some sense of technological validity and a great deal of knowledge or reliable advice about the problems that need to be overcome or the market viability of such a product.

    If I'm wrong, name one product that fits your description.

  15. @akshay, agreed. And this one isn't a bad 'concept'. Though I do think we need to be waring of accepting artists impressions as valuable insight. Take the 'liquid' phone that was going round a couple months ago. It creates a bad impression of tech as magic, and reduces the overall authority of the genuine effort and skill that goes into these things.

  16. I agree 100% with you. These concepts does make technology look like magic. But in a way, technology is magic and we are the magicians.
    You may be aware of a concept car by Marcedes called 'Marcedes Biome'. They say that they would make a car which can be grown..! and say its fully bio-degradable..! Marcedes has officially even started that project in LA. But the truth is, both the material to devlop the car and its fuel are still non-existant and yet to be doscovered...! So I would call this, something which is plucked out of thin air...:)

  17. Technology is absolutely NOT magic. Just because we consumers don't understand it, and that there's a growing void between the consumer and the science behind technological products, doesn't mean there isn't a continuous and verifiable chain of logic between the idea and it's realisation. One that is built on with each progressive advancement.

    I agree that Mercedes aren't pursuing the idea of a biological chassis because they have any relevant insight into it at this stage. And therefore you could claim that any investment and scientific progress they do make has been sparked purely by a marketable gimmick. But I think it's more useful to see the social and economic influence that would make an ecological car a desirable goal as the inspiration for that original idea, rather than 'thin air'.

  18. Wow, someone (Anonymous) obviously has WAY to much free time on their hands to act like such a technology & financial-venture capitalist whi. If the world was full of people with your searing jealousy & negative old fogy glass is half full attitude, it would be a dull & dreary place to live. Thank God that amazing 3% that you despise (are jealous of) are alive & well. While you sit all day arguing your uneducated points-they are out there making it possible for you to have even the ability to blog. It's concepts by visionaries like these that inspire the not so inspirable techy people like me to go the next level & make it happen & FYI, venture capitalists LOVE visuals like this but yes we do require some physical examples of working tech specs along w/it & a clear, convincing plan as to what is needed to make it possible. All part of a good business plan defining & describing that along with the marketing plan to make the most important part happen-$ales/revenue. Let's not get so jealous nor let the jealous crab apples spoil it for the winning attitude visionaries that always pave the way while people like "Anonomous" who are obviously sour & bitter over their inabilities. In history it's clear who wins & who doesn't & the reasons why are evident here. Keep it up visionaries, the world is a great place when you don't let anything stop your dreams.

  19. @Fred, Thank you very much for your comment..:) I just gave up commenting on his (anonymous) comments..:p

  20. Products have materialized out of thin air because of a good concept and strong backers.

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