Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Microsoft's vision of 'Future of Gaming'

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The video which am going to share you with is a recently leaked video on microsoft's vision of future of gaming. Microsoft is showing the world how it the future of its Windows Gaming Experience platform implemented with Xbox Live.

Now, for those who don't know what
Windows Gaming Experience or WGX is, it's an internal group name for all of Microsoft's PC gaming efforts, including Games For Windows,MSN, windows live messenger. Let me clear you some things in the first place, before you watch the video......
  • Whatever you are going to see is still purely conceptual for the time being.
  • It mainly focuses on 4 experiences of gaming.
1) Social : This deals with enhancing the social gaming experience. Especially the facebook games such as Farmville. You may be thinking, why they are trying to enhance such small games, when there are games like Call of duty or Halo...! Well, you may not be knowing, how big is this 'small' game business...:) Did you know that the 'Farmville' on facebook is worth $10 billion....?!?!? How could microsoft ignore millions of casual gamers..??

2) Avatar
: Deals with customizing your 'Avatar' with a virtual wardrobe.

3) Search
: It eases finding the games n apps through bing.

4) Transaction
: It focuses on delivering the digital content with simplicity irrespective of its size and price.

Now lets watch the video.......

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