Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Triple Flip - An innovative concept phone

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Just when you think that the era of flip phones ended, the Triple Flip appears..! Dave Schultze has created this cool and very innovative concept phone which ,I think has everything..:)

If you think one flip for your cell isn't enough, it has two sides to flip..! Not only that...
  • It has a full HD touch screen of 2000X1000 resolution
  • A querty keypad
  • runs on windows phone 7
  • And most important of all, if it comes to market its a must have phone for gamers...!!
Why...??? Watch the video....its better than whatever bullshit written above...:p


  1. Cool.. Its nice to see innovations still coming.. However i still go for the minimalistic approach like iphones and current androids.. You know few buttons, then all screen.. Its all good though.. Keep the post coming..

  2. This cool and very innovative concept phone.


  3. Very nice post, impressive. its quite different from other posts. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Well this is quite unique, triple flip, looks so damn cool

  5. Good information but flip type phones got failure in previous models i hope it will be better,thanks for sharing....
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