Monday, October 3, 2011

A concept..!

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After a looooong time.....:p  Anyway its good to be doing what I love..:) So let me tell you what I got to know today...

"Is it a phone ? Is it a netbook ?..." the question may pop up in your mind when you look at this concept..!
The concept created by Abhi Muktheeswarar, this device is rotatable dual display handset, that can be turned into a mini netbook or a portable console.

No specifications of any kind are provide yet. But sice a picture is worth a thousand words, am gonna put some pics of the concept below... let me know what do you think.

What do you think its specs should be..? lets see who comes with the best specs....:)



  1. most of all, those concepts remind me on a ZX81.

  2. I loved your concepts. Congratulations!

  3. @Nathan Campos, Thanks...:)

    @Anonymous, thanks for pointing it out...i was like "it does looks like something but dont know why..!"..:p

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