Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Alphadog

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Am not talking about the movie Alphadog, but a REAL robot..!
Boston Dynamics have been developing this combat escort robot called the Alphadog, many of you are might be aware of it. Well, its a newest prototype of the same.

people call it by many names,, as 'Mule Poodle', 'Monster mutt','Bigdog-on-steroids' etcetra but, 'Alphadog' is the actual name...:)

Alphadog well fully ready, can navigate through any rough terrain conditions, and will carry 400 pounds of equipment for 20 miles without having to refuel..!! how cool is that..??

It doesn't need a driver, it uses its GPS, computer vision etc to follow the troops wherever they go..!

So let me just show it to you rather than describing it...:p


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  2. Really a good one.came up with some new thoughts.

  3. Well, this is simply awesome! A robotic dog! Wondering if it's as loyal as a real one


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