Monday, November 29, 2010

A journey into the world of dreams

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"Inception" .......... wait, have started dreaming about the film..??..:) This is one movie, which left people dreaming about dreams. It made many of us fascinated in dreams...... ya ya.. I know its not a movie review blog..:p Am here to show you a sneak peak into the world of dreams.......!!

So.. to start with ... What is dream...??
To tell you a definition, its very simple...Dream is succession of images, memories, sounds or emotions that mind experience when we are asleep.

Why do we dream....? This one is a difficult one....! Because there is no unique answer or explanation for this question..! I would like to introduce you to some of the major theories which explain the above question
  1. Freud's theory :
This theory is one of the strongest till now.... According to the theory,
  • dreams depend on your ongoing desires and previous day's activities.
  • Wishes that were there in our heart even since childhood may get transformed into a dream. In fact he believed every dream is somehow related to one's childhood.
  • The interesting thing about this theory is that says, nothing is made up during the dream . Its all predefined..! I mean these are all results of biological reactions, your hidden or unfulfilled desires, personal experiences etc...!
  • So.. To sum up, you dream when a wish of yours which is, will or can not be fulfilled gets deep into your mind instead of being discarded.
2. Jung's Theory :

Jung kind of disagrees with Freud and presents his own new theory on dreams.....
  • Freud believed we can't interpret dreams.... but Jung said we can...!!
  • Jung gave a method to interpret them using the series of correlation.
  • Don't know what it is...?? Read the next points.....
  • Series correlation is a process of processing and analyzing the dream over the time.
  • Take all your related dreams and images from the same. Try to combine all these images to create a new bigger dream. Now try to think and relate it to any of your real life situations. Thus from this info a physical action that could be can be extracted.
3. Cayce's Theory :

Its a kind of really twisted theory...:)
  • Cayce said dreams are your bodies way of building a better you..! i.e, mentally, physically a bettor person.
  • Its a way of tuning you, to yours maximum potential. It can help solve any of your problems...!..." Really..?? How..? " ....following points explain it....
  • By interpreting dreams..... But to interpret them you have to know your mind inside out...! You have to study yourself and and become an expert in yourself...!
  • After that you will be able to know what your dreams mean and will help you in building a new you..... may be a version 2.0...:)
4. Evan's Theory :
  • During our REM sleep.... brain doesn't sleep and it will sort and re-organize the whole our memories.
  • It will bring out everything from deep inside your memory an d scan them and reorganize them.
  • So according to this theory, dream is nothing but a moment, those memories and information being scanned.
  • Actually FYI, brain re-organizing our memories is recently proved scientifically..!! See Here
There are many more theories than you can count.... since its a sneak peak, I have provided only major four. Please be free to explore the internet...:)

Below, I have collected some amazing or interesting facts regarding dreams.....
  1. We forget 90% of the dreams.
  2. Everybody dreams.
  3. In our lifetime, we may spend about 6 years dreaming...!!
  4. Blind people dream too.
  5. If you are snoring, you can not be dreaming.
  6. Its proven that our brain waves are more active when we are dreaming than when we are awake.
  7. We only dream of what we know.
  8. Not everybody dreams in colour.
  9. Dreams are not about what they are about.
  10. You are paralyzed when you are sleeping.
  11. External stimuli affect your dream.
Again these very little what I collected...:) Even I am knew to 'Dream' even if am dreaming every night...:) So please be free to share your knowledge ....:)

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