Saturday, December 4, 2010

Marcedes Biome - The Best or Nothing

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K....after a long time........... :) This mind blowing concept is from Mercedes. When I first came to know about this concept, it really got me into thinking...! because, its that strange...!! But, if it becomes a reality.....then, its going to be a revolution in automobile industry. Let me first tell you what this concept is all about and then let yourself think, to what extent is the possibility of this concept becoming a reality.

We are well aware that we can 'grow' vegetables or fruits. Now think of a car that you can 'grow' like a vegetable or fruit...!! I know it seems more alien and strange than we can even imagine.....:) But this is the concept of Mercedes...'A lab grown Mercedes car'......!!!

I know... You are thinking, 'its impossible'.... but keeping in the mind the saying "nothing is impossible" Mercedes has come up with this concept and they have even officially announced this concept at Los Angeles auto show.

So some 'things' you should know about this concept car.....

  • This car is grown from a material called 'BioFibre' . Its lighter than plastic and stronger than steel.
  • As one would expect, this material 'BioFibre' currently doesn't exist..!!
  • This car would run on some sort of fuel called 'BioNectar4534'.
  • Again to our disappointment, 'BioNectar4534' also non existing...:(
  • The name of the car is Biome , and would be completely biodegradable and would produce no harmful emissions.
This dream of having such a car is not going to be a reality anytime soon. But lets hope it happens. and lets not forget the saying " Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

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