Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dark matter and dark energy

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Its still a mystery...!! Nobody knows what dark matter and dark energy is. All we know is, its a matter which we can not see. Its the glue that holds this entire universe together...! So scientists are trying to capture and study a dark matter particle but have not succeeded yet.

I did not know much about the dark matter and as everybody else I went to explore the internet..:) I got these very interesting videos on dark matter that I thought are worth sharing and spreading.

I think there is no point in me writing a whole article on what I know about regarding dark matter or dark our mind grasps something when we watch than we read it...:) So watch these videos and get yourself a little bit of knowledge about us and our universe.


  1. Wow! I haven't even heard about dark energy before o_0

    Thanks for sharing, it was really interesting :)

  2. Yep...that concept is really interesting. Also FYI nowadays there are so much happening in physics world that if proved will change our entire view on universe...!!
    If you find this interesting, than there is a concept called "parallel universe" will blow your explore it, if u got some time...:)

  3. wow! This is the first time I heard it. Thanks

  4. This is one concept which makes everybody goes "wow...!!"....:) Thanks for your feedback..:)


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