Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visualising the invisible - a 'CSI' tool

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"This world is so beautiful..!",its just one face of this world. Another face is so horrible..!, consisting of murders,rapes,robberies,cruelty and lots more. We all have so much adjusted to this other horrible face that we find those very interesting and enjoyable ....! Don't we..?

Who doesn't love watching serials like CSI, Prison Break, Dexter etc...?? We enjoy them so much. There are cops, chases, shooting.... and lot more to spice them up. But unfortunately those are not only limited to our tv screens, they happen for real...:( But do you now the these crimes are busted..? How do cops find blood spots which aren't visible to naked eye..? Well, you will know it in just a moment...:)

The technique used currently is called the 'Luminol test' .......
  • Even after a crime scene is completely cleaned, tiny particles of blood or other body fluids will cling to the that place for years.
  • When 'luminol' is sprayed on the scene, the luminol reacts with these particles producing visible light photons.

So now, this method has some disadvantages...!
  • is potentially toxic
  • has been reported to dilute blood solutions below DNA detection limits
  • can smear informative blood spatter patterns
  • can provide false positive results.
"Necessity is the mother of inventions...!" So researchers have overcome these by inventing a new CSI tool....! A camera, which can take the pictures of those invisible evidences such as blood stains and body fluids.
  • It captures hundreds of images in a few seconds
  • it illuminates subjects with pulses of invisible infrared light waves.
  • photos are taken through special filters, which block out particular wavelengths, allowing certain chemical components to stand out from their surroundings.
  • The camera detects blood diluted to as little as one part blood in 100 parts water...!
  • It has the ability to distinguish between between blood, household bleach, rust, soda pop, and coffee....!

Looks like a perfect tool for the CSI team isn't it....?? Will it replace the traditional 'luminol' test..????? Well, lets wait n see...till then enjoy the serials...:)


  1. It will be funny if such a camera will be also built-in into cellphones (just like with traditional film recorders) and everyone will turn into "detectives". :D

    Taking in account that once only professionals could be photographers and now everyone is, I think there are high chances we will soon be "detectives". ;)

  2. If that happens...... then, those real professional detectives will hit by "recession".....:p

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