Saturday, December 25, 2010

Word lens - An amazing iPhone app

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Am so caught up in preparations of my exams that I am not being able to update my blog...:( But what to do...... this iPhone app is so amusing, cool, amazing ...oh.. am running out of adjectives..:p that I couldn't resist sharing with you all.

The app is called the "word Lens" .. Its an instant offline translator that uses a camera phone...!!
I have not got much time to type everything..:( So am just sharing with you the video. This video will provide all the information regarding the app. Enjoy..:) N see you after the exams...:p


  1. Cool!.. I only have the card reader app which converts calling cards to contacts, but this is waaaayyyy cooler.. Wish an android version of this comes out.. Fingers crossed.. :)

  2. I hope your wish come true soon...:)


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