Friday, October 1, 2010

Do you know what's going on behind the closed doors of 'Nokia research center'...???

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New discoveries, inventions, gadgets with some pretty cool n amazing features are introduced to the world everyday. have ever wondered what researchers and scientists working on right now which would amaze us i the future..?? Well.. if you are then, here is a little window of "Nokia Research Center" giving you a peek into the future...!!!

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Read below to see into the future.....:)
1. Nanowire sensing
What is it...???
In one word its an 'artificial nose'.

How does it work..??

By placing a nanowire on top of a chip, they can train it to recognize different substances which are placed close to the sensing surface.You may ask how can it act as nose, well.., the current passing through the nanowire in influenced by the its surrounding objects.Current reacts , when you place a different object.

Future applications...??
In the future, this kind of technology could be used to monitor environments and measure a variety of things including air pollution, food-based contaminants or bio-chemical processes.
Go for the video....:)

2. Stretchable electronic skin

What is it...??
The title suggests it all.... As you know the circuit board currently are solid.Researchers are working on a technology that will make them flexible like a skin.

How do the make it..??
By using evaporated gold as a conductor, they have created an electronic touchpad which can be stretched like a rubber band, but still respond to touch and pressure.They are testing it to stretch by up to 20 per cent of its original length without any drop in performance.y

Why do we need such thing in future..??
Just think of the possibilities o what could it offer in future...its mind blowing..! Think like this.. it could enable a unique range of wearable devices or even enable technology to feasibly become part of our clothing.This can change the whole way of interacting with technology and gadgets..!!
Watch below.....

3. Electrotactile experience

This third one is the most realistic. Because this is being shown off on a nokia n900. researchers are trying to make the touchscreens to give back more realistic feedbacks so that it can take the way of interacting with touchscreens to a whole new level.
Part of the team’s research is looking at ways to try and replicate textures, potentially offering users new experiences when it comes to interacting with a touchscreen.

So... did you like the future....?????

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